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Cel Animator for iPad

Your Light Table On The Go

Cel Animator gives you all the tools you need to make animations on the go. Let your imagination run wild.

Made to Share

Easily import and export projects to collaborate with friends.

Designed for iPad

Made for animating on the go. Once you’ve learned the program it’ll be your go to tool for animating from couch to café.

A great iPad app for animating on the go.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro, Cel Animator provides you with the tool you need to animate at home and on the go, at an affordable price. There are no upgrade fees or subscription costs.

All the features you’d want are included, including looping, transformable sub-clips - small bits of animation that you can keyframe in the main timeline.

There’s also large image import for that background you’ve made in some other well known art program to use for panning shots or plain old static shots.

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Great features. Included.

  • Onion skinning
  • Video import for rotoscoping
  • Export as png sequence, gif, or mp4
  • Audio import
  • Record audio voiceover in the app, no third party app required.
  • Sub clips for creating looping animations for your scene.
  • Inverse fill for filling detailed shapes with color.
  • Easy timeline frame spanning - drag the lower right corner to make a frame span multiple frames.
  • Easy timeline manipulation - drag the left half of a frame to reposition it on the timeline.
  • Tapered line tool.
  • Lasso and transform tools for making simple movements.


download on the app store