My Next Computer

2024-02-09 09:52

Things have been going pretty well in terms of equipment. I've been getting rid of things and re/purposing stuff, it seems like I'd mostly acquired the things I needed during this weird five years. But, if I were to get a new Windows machine what would I require? It's been shifting about as I've been tempted by machines online, so maybe it's time I made an actual list:

  • A thunderbolt 4 port.
  • 2-in-1. Need to be able to draw on it.
  • 14 inches or less.
  • Can play fortnite.
  • 8 cores, minimum.
  • USB-C power port.
  • If it has a discrete GPU, 8GB of video ram. But a discrete GPU isn't a requirement!
  • 16GB of RAM, minimum

Even if I do find the computer that satisfies most of these conditions, I probably could stand to hold off on acquiring one. Things are pretty good as they are and in terms of price there are bound to be sales and bargains if I'm patient.